About Care Point

Everyone deserves to feel taken care of.

To be treated like they’re important.

To know that no matter whether they need a doctor, a dentist, or just a bottle of prescription refill—someone will help.

They call it health “care” for a reason, and at Care Point Health & Wellness Center, that reason is why we do everything.

It’s why we’ve opened our doors in downtown Tallahassee—to bring state-of-the-art medicine to a part of the city that’s been underserved for too long.

Care Point Health & Wellness Building Tour

It’s why we offer so many services in one building—so you can enjoy the convenience that comes from filling your prescription in the same place you see your doctor, or get x-rays where you get your teeth cleaned. One location means one address to remember, one facility to drive to, and one team to call yours.

And it’s why we make it so easy to do business with us—why we offer convenient scheduling options, and accept all major insurance, and welcome walk-ins.

No hassle. No stress. See a doctor when and where you want. Build a better relationship with your doctor on your terms.

You shouldn’t have to deal with stress, or dread making an appointment because you know it’s going to be such a hassle.

You should feel like you’re being taken care of. Like you’re being truly cared for.

And at Care Point Health & Wellness Center, you will.


We take all insurance, as well as Medicare, Medicaid and non-insured patients.

Convenient Scheduling

Make appointments by phone, in-person, or the contact us form.